Six20 Partners arms your company with people focused analytics to boost personal and team performance.

When you hire Six20 Partners, you work with an amazing team who are experts in understanding how to effectively identify, assess, select, and develop talent in order to drive down attrition, increase sales and build future leadership for your company.

Rhonda Holloway

Rhonda is a collaborative, resourceful and highly motivated professional with over 15 years of experience helping organizations and enterprises of all kinds optimize processes to achieve their goals. Best described as a “dot-connector”, she excels at seeing how complex pieces fit together – across functions and around the globe – to help identify the best path forward.

Passion and expertise led her to apply this approach to people processes focused on early talent and sales professionals. She is committed to take the time to truly understand her client’s business, industry and perspective to identify best-in-class practices to optimize their people processes and grow their business.

Outside of work, Rhonda approaches play with the same intensity and enthusiasm. She has been married for 20+ years and resides in Atlanta where she spends her free time surrounded by music, dogs and coffee.

Cindy Lynch

Magic can’t fix your people problems. We can.

Here’s my formula,

Success = a Good plan + People who can execute.

I enable my clients to succeed faster.

As a CONSULTANT: I specialize in helping executives and leadership teams reach their full potential. We’ll identify roadblocks together and get around them. We will identify your competitive advantage and make the most of it.

As a SPEAKER. I deliver lively interactive keynotes, workshops and breakout sessions that address key business challenges with a clear path to solving them.

As a FACILITATOR: I keep tough conversations on topic and moving forward. Your session will result in clearly defined outcomes and next steps.

Christina Sarabia

Christina Sarabia is an Industrial Organizational psychologist with a successful track record promoting and contributing to business success. She partners with clients to create the people related strategies that drives your business.
It is because she truly understands why people do what they do she is able to help organizations solve their most challenging people problems:
• Transformation and Organizational Structure design
• High Potential programs that target business needs
• Competency Mapping that’s measurable
• Engagement Strategies that really work
• Team Building that fosters dynamic performance
• Succession Planning and Mentoring Programs
• Expert guidance on managing toxic employees

Dr. Sarabia can take theory and put it into actionable business results that make the CFO say, “That was money well spent!”