Success = Good Process + People Who Can Execute

Hire & Retain Top Talent

How many times have you hired someone to be a bottom performer? Or have you ever hired someone and asked yourself 90 days where that person went? Hiring decisions based on data beat those based on gut every time. When you have an objective process to hire the best talent you can afford and understand how to keep them engaged you will reduce attrition and improve performance.

Every day your most valuable resource walks out the door. What are you doing to make sure they come back tomorrow? Gallup’s 2013 State of American Workplace report states that companies with engaged employees and engaged customers enjoy a 240% jump in performance related business outcomes compared to those with neither engaged workers nor engaged customers. Dept. of Labor estimates turnover costs 1/3 of an employee’s salary, SHRM reports that cost at 50% of annual salary and higher. Gallup also reported a whopping 52% of employees are not engaged. OSHA warns the hidden costs of accidents can be 20:1. The list goes on and on.

Fixing it is possible, but it takes focus and purpose. We take you through the entire employee lifecycle to optimize every opportunity for retention and engagement. Do the math. Then give us a call.

Coach for Performance

Too often we give up on “bad” employees because we think they can’t do the job when in truth they just need some coaching and feedback to develop mission critical skills. Two reasons leaders fail at giving feedback: they are risk adverse, or they deliver it in such a way that it leaves the employee demoralized.

Most people do not instinctively know how to coach their employees to higher performance levels. It is a skill. A much needed skill. And a skill that can be learned. You can’t motivate someone to want to change. They have to want to change on their own. But if they want to grow and you can unlock their motivations and have a clear plan on where they need to go, you can get them there. Athletic coaches know their main problem isn’t skill development, it’s mindset. Learn this critical skill, and you immediately become a linchpin.

Make Teams Click

Every supervisor hopes to be the leader of a high performing team. Every good employee hopes to be part of a high performing team. High performing teams get things done, but they don’t just happen. They are built, maintained and tweaked. It requires the right leader with the right team members. When team members are fully engaged, their sense of purpose drives the business mission. We often hear leaders say they want to “take their teams to next level.” What is the next level? How will you know you got there? How will it impact the business?

We work with our clients to define the path to the next level and help your team get there.

Drive Sales Results

Attaining exceptional sales results takes the right combination of product knowledge, sales skills, sales process and the proper motivation. To improve sales results you need to reliably measure all of these areas, then target your training and coaching for maximum results. You must identify the sales DNA of your company, quantify the sales skills or your team then train and coach for powerhouse results.

Develop Front Line Managers

Frontline managers need to motivate and bolster the morale of the people who do the work—those who design, make, and sell the products or deliver services to customers. Do they have the skills they need to focus on coaching their employees and constantly improving quality?

Get your calculator out – if your operations improved by 1%, 5% or even 10% what would that be worth? Hope isn’t a strategy. Investing in your people is.

Our program is designed to teach fundamental management skills. The program includes six interactive sessions that are topic specific and six coaching calls to help make concepts sticky. Give your managers the knowledge and tools they need to lead their people and teams effectively.

No one can learn from a firehose, and most managers don’t have the time to spend all day in the classroom. That’s why the Six20 Partners Manager Boot Camp is designed so that managers learn, apply and repeat to drive real outcomes in your business.

  • Create a cohesive leadership culture to get the most from people & teams
  • Maximize performance to drive productivity
  • Improve employee retention
  • Bolster employee engagement

There are six 2.5-hour in person sessions each with pre-work, recommended reading and homework so they can apply what they’ve learned right away. Between each session we host a “What’s your 20” conference call to check in on progress, answer any questions about applying what they have learned, overall coaching as well as ongoing tips & tricks to keep everyone on target.

Identify Future Leaders

Save yourself from the Peter Principle. Determine what is really needed in the role and assess whether the person can and will do it. A talent shortage is looming. A strong succession plan and calculating the depth of your bench are important considerations in your strategic plan. Where do you want your business to go? What talent will you need to get you there? It is often an overlooked part of the business plan until there is a crisis or a key employee leaves. Asset planning is expected in other parts of your business, why not your people? Reactive hiring usually spells disaster. We can help you assess your current pipeline, provide a strategic plan that aligns with your business goals and create a tactical roadmap to get you there.

Working Across Generations

Every generation entering the workforce has been greeted with mistrust and disdain. In some areas we have up to FIVE generations in the workforce. Basic human behavior doesn’t change. What changes are influences and values of each new generation. We help you understand these differences and create modifications that work to attract, hire and retain valuable workers from any generation.